Put Another Log on the Fire

Audio File: 2-3-9PutAnotherLogontheFire.m4a (38.48MB)

It is so very easy these days to find your motivation, your fire, being drained. Your fire is being diminished by the wet logs that have been added. Join us today as Pastor Ware shares how to identify the wet logs from the dry logs so that you can build your fire and run your race.

Decaffeinated Religion

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Does it feel that your life is in a spiritual rut? Maybe it is because you are lacking the spiritual kick needed to move in the will of God. Listen as Pastor Ware tells us how to avoid Decaffeinated Religion.

The Way, The Truth, & The Life

Audio File: 1-20-19DoYouHaveTheRightWay.m4a (37.03MB)

Uncertainty makes any trip more difficult than it should be. When turbulence or low places occur, many Christians question whether they are going the right Way. Join Pastor Ware as he shares with us how we can have assurance in the Truth of our directions and confidence in our arrival.    

Why Me?

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With everything going on in your life, it is so easy to say, "Why me?" Join us today as Pastor Ware dives into the Word of God to see how Jesus provides an encouraging answer to that question. 

How Will Your Testimony Sound?

Audio File: 12-2-18HowWillYourTestimonySoun.m4a (47.62MB)

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Audio File: 11-4-18KeepYourEyesonJesus.m4a (39.16MB)

This world is full of distractions that seem to purposely try to keep us from achieving our goals or disrupt our lives. Join us today as Pastor shows us how we can make it past the distractions by Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus.

Did You Learn Anything From Your Last Challenge?

Audio File: 10-7-18DidYouLearnAnythingfrom.m4a (49.61MB)

It is said that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That only works if you apply what you learned from that challenge. With so many people are struggling to make it today not just financially, spiritually, or physically, join us today as Pastor Ware asks, "Did You Learn Anything From Your Last Challenge?"

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