Shaped in the Hands of the Lord

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The trials of this a lot of times seem unfair. Have you ever taken a step forward only to seemingly take two steps back? Join us as Pastor Ware explains that we are just being shaped in the hands of the Lord.

Life will Establish, Increase, and Test Your Faith

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God didn't save us to leave us, abuse us, or destroy us. God saves us to use us. In order for Him to utilize us, God has to get our faith to the appropriate level. Join us as Pastor Ware shares how God employs life to establish, increase, and then to test our faith.

Don't Let Your Present Situation Distract You

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What we're going through will not last nor will it surpass the grace and power of our Lord God. We must stay faithful and have hope that Jesus will stay true to His word-- that He will never leave us nor forsake us and that he has a purpose for our lives.

Ain't Nobody Picking on You

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Forged in Fire

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Trials and tribulations by definition are difficult situations to deal with or endure often being related to fire. Join us as Pastor Ware explains how to persevere trials and tribulations with hope because with Jesus we are Forged in Fire.


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Cars from time to time become in need of an overhaul. An overhaul is a process of removing the rust and decay that prevents the achievement of optimal performance. The replacement of old parts for new modified parts is standard practice and usually so extensive that the owner would perceive that they have received a new vehicle. Do you need an OVERHAUL today? If so, join us as Pastor Ware takes us through the ins and outs of an OVERHAUL.

Rest in Jesus

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Life can be stressful. Bills keep coming while the political and economic uncertainty increases daily.  We have not even mentioned the toll that developing and maintaining relationships takes on your mind, body, and spirit. It is all very tiring and exhausting.

If you are at or nearing a point of breaking down, join us as Pastor Ware explains how we can keep on going by first RESTING in JESUS.   

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Rest in Jesus

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