Forged in Fire

Audio File: 9-22-19ForgedinFire.m4a (27.28MB)

Trials and tribulations by definition are difficult situations to deal with or endure often being related to fire. Join us as Pastor Ware explains how to persevere trials and tribulations with hope because with Jesus we are Forged in Fire.


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Cars from time to time become in need of an overhaul. An overhaul is a process of removing the rust and decay that prevents the achievement of optimal performance. The replacement of old parts for new modified parts is standard practice and usually so extensive that the owner would perceive that they have received a new vehicle. Do you need an OVERHAUL today? If so, join us as Pastor Ware takes us through the ins and outs of an OVERHAUL.

Rest in Jesus

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Life can be stressful. Bills keep coming while the political and economic uncertainty increases daily.  We have not even mentioned the toll that developing and maintaining relationships takes on your mind, body, and spirit. It is all very tiring and exhausting.

If you are at or nearing a point of breaking down, join us as Pastor Ware explains how we can keep on going by first RESTING in JESUS.   

Jesus the Stress Reliever

Audio File: 8-18-19JesustheStressReliever.m4a (40.23MB)

Do the problems of life: bills, children, work, politics, have you burdened down and stressed out? Then we have an answer for you that cannot be found in the bottom of a bottle or in a pill. Join us as Pastor Ware explains that Jesus is the ultimate stress reliever. 

Are You Making Progress?

Audio File: 8-4-19Areyoumakingprogress.m4a (51.92MB)

Hopefully, we all have goals that we are working on achieving. We should also have goals in our walk with Christ. Listen in as Pastor Ware checks up with us by asking the question, "Are You Making Progress?"

Power in the Name of Jesus

Audio File: 7-28-19PowerintheNameofJesus.m4a (49.42MB)

Sometimes we find ourselves physically destitute and in need. It is at these moments we must work with what we have, the power and authority that inhabit the name of Jesus. Join us as Pastor Ware discusses the Power in the Name of Jesus.

Delivered on the Way to the Grave

Audio File: 7-21-19DeliveredontheWaytothe.m4a (35.46MB)

When it seems that all hope is lost and that your only means of survival has passed away and needs to be buried, that is when Jesus shows up. Join us as Pastor Ware explains how to be delivered on the way to the grave.

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