The Same God That Saved You is also Keeping You

Audio File: 7-30-17SameGodthatSavedYouisK.m4a (37.40MB)

<p>It is obvious just from watching the news that our world is facing greater and greater disruption and disarray. As the Bible says, the hearts of men are growing colder and colder. What do we do in this situation? Join us as Pastor shares an encouraging word that the God who saved us will also keep us.</p>

It is Just a Test

Audio File: 7-23-17ItsJustaTest.m4a (33.94MB)

<p>Trials of life come up and we are often lost in how to rect. Join us as Pastor Ware relays the apostle Peter's warning of, "It's just a test."</p>

Pressing towards Christ's Expectation

Audio File: 7-16-17PressingTowardsChristExpe.m4a (38.99MB)

<p>As the summer heat builds, it becomes harder and harder to move forward. An extra amount of effort, a press, is needed to reach not just our goals but Christ's. Join us as PAstor explains why it is necessary to press toward Christ's expectations.</p>

Take Advantage of Peaceful Times

Audio File: 7-2-17TakeAdvantageofPeacefulTi.m4a (42.22MB)

<p>What do you do when you have peace in your life? Do you kick back and relax or do you use the time to prepare for the next battle? Join us as Pastor Ware explains why the latter is the best recourse.</p>

Yes, They're Yours

Audio File: 6-18-17YesTheyreYours.m4a (38.29MB)

<p>HAppy Father's Day from Pastor Ware and the Barnabas Church. For the average person it is hard to tell most trees apart. The one sure way to identify a tree is to look at it's fruit. Just as fruit is an identifier for trees, our fruit serves as dentifiers for us. Join us as Pastor explains, "Yes, they're yours." </p>

Pull Up Your Anchors

Audio File: 5-21-17PullUpYourAnchors.m4a (36.59MB)

<p>Does it feel like you are caught up in a storm and are not able to move forward? Pastor Ware suggests that your lack of progress maybe the results of anchors keeping you in place. Join us today as Pastor shares why we should and how we can pull up our anchors.</p>

Have You Shared Your Testimony?

Audio File: 5-7-17HaveYouSharedyourTestimon.m4a (37.85MB)

<p>Time gives us the benefit of hindsight. A lot of times that hindsight comes with regret and embarassment becuase of the things we have done and said. As new creatures in Christ, we are often reticent to go to those places and people, sometimes rightly so, but today Pastor discusses there are other times when those are exactly the places that we need to visit.</p>

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