Barnabas Church History



The Barnabas Missionary Baptist Church was organized by the late Rev. W.G. Jones, Sr. in June 1990. The church was brought together at the St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church where Rev. C.J.R. Phillips was Pastor. At the time of organization, there were five members who were united with the church and they were Mrs. Vera Jones, Courtney Jones, W.G. Jones Jr., Teresa Jones, and W.G. Jones III. The Barnabas Missionary Baptist Church services were held at 4431 Hedgdon in Pastor W.G. Jones, Sr.’ garage.  


  Rev. Jones had a vision when he started the Barnabas church that many of us could not see; a vision of growth for this community and a passion for the education of our youth. Barnabas began to grow spiritually and numerically from 1990 to 1993. Pastor Jones started a workforce to build a new sanctuary at 4431 Hedgdon, Dallas, TX. The Barnabas Workforce, with monetary assistance from the Greater New Hope Baptist Church pastored by the John G. Mackey, completed the building in May of 1993.   


In the same year, Pastor Jones became ill and asked his good friend, Pastor C.H. Gerald, to send him someone that could help him out and continue the services for him.  In August of 1993, Gregory D. Ware was sent to Barnabas to carry on until Pastor Jones returned to health. On February 11, 1994, the Lord called his servant home.


On April 13, 1994, the members of the Barnabas Missionary Baptist Church came together and agreed upon calling Gregory D. Ware as pastor.  Pastor Ware has proven to be faithful to his calling. Under the guidance of Pastor Ware, Barnabas has instituted the very successful community picnic that is held the third Saturday in September at the Fruitdale Recreation center on Vandervort. We have also purchased a church van, close to 8 acres of land that you are sitting in today and a 1.3-acre lot across the street. In spite of up and down attendance, the Lord has blessed the Barnabas church to completely pay off all of these items. The Barnabas Missionary Baptist Church spent 15 blessed years at 4431 Hedgdon growing together in the love of the Lord and serving the community.


In the fall of 2007, The Barnabas Baptist Church broke ground on the first of three phases of our new sanctuary.  The building was designed by Courtney Jones Taylor. The construction of the new sanctuary was completed by Triple J Design and Construction, a company started by the late Rev. W.G. Jones Sr. and now operated by his children W.G. Jones Jr., Teresa Jones, and Richard Jones. During the building fund drive for the new facility, especially during the last six to nine months prior to entrance to the new building, the Lord really showed that He was in our midst and that He does not count numbers but He makes numbers count!


On June 8, 2008, the members of the Barnabas Missionary Baptist Church with Pastor Ware leading the way marched from 4431 Hedgdon to 3210 Linfield and officially opened the new sanctuary.  The past 29 years have been a blessing for us at the Barnabas Church. Praise the Lord and we have only just begun!